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Smart API services

CombiTrip offers a Maps API (worldwide), autocomplete API (worldwide), routing API (worldwide) and a journey planner API for public transportation (on demand only).

We offer a free tier of 500 credits per day in return for a link to CombiTrip from your homepage. This free tier helps small businesses and other small projects to get started without having to sign up for a paid service.

We totally understand if people don’t like to sign-up for a paid google account when your API use is relatively small, therefore we are happy to offer this alternative. We don't mind if you use the API commercial or non-commercial as long as your project makes this world a little better and nicer. If you use it for projects that are against our values (e.g.: racism, illegal activities, spreading of fake news, (political left or right) extremism) your account will be deleted at our discretion.

After you sign-up for a key please make sure to place the link at your homepage to CombiTrip within 2 weeks!

We help each other just like in the old days! Please find below a large variety of examples. Simply copy paste the code below each example and put your own key in it and you are ready to go! Below you can find the maps and autocomplete APIs. If you would like to use the routing API or journey planner API please get in touch with us by email. We also offer dedicated APIs and custom build APIs, also please get in touch with us by email if you are interested.